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Top 10 Bathroom Renovation Tips

Planning a Bathroom Renovation – Where Do I Start?

Our Top 10 Tips

  1. Depending on your stage in life, consider future proofing your bathroom. Think about how long you intend on staying in your home and how you see your home.
    • Is this your forever home or will you upsize/upgrade in a few years?
    • First home – sell or stay forever?
    • Career focused – easy cleaning, low maintenance
    • Newlyweds – thinking about kids? Practicality? Function?
    • Adventure awaits – when the priority is not being home, make it basic and functional.
    • Pending empty nesters? Swap every day for well-earned luxury?
    • Investment? Durability, longevity.
    • Retirement – ease of access, comfort.
  2. Relocating plumbing will add to the cost of a bathroom renovation. If your current bathroom layout suits you, we recommend replacing old for new.
  3. If you have a bath, think about making it the hero of the room. There are so many variations of bathtubs on the market at an affordable price.
  4. Adding fixtures (eg adding a toilet) will most likely be subject to council approval depending on your Council. We can liaise with Council Planners and lodge applications on your behalf. This will be incorporated into your quotation.
  5. We all know it. Tassie is cold most of the year. You may wish to consider how to incorporate heating into your bathroom renovation. There are many options, but it is something that should be well planned before any construction commences. We’re here to help.
  6. The size of the tiles you choose will impact the cost of the project. During our Site Consultation we can offer expert advice to help you decide.
  7. Choose the right vanity for your storage needs or incorporate a shaving cabinet. Do you have a shampoo for every season depending on how much moisture is in the air? Keep storage in mind when choosing your vanity and consider a shaving cabinet or a mirror with hidden storage. Plenty on the market to choose from and we can help you decide.
  8. Don’t forget about space for towel rails and toilet roll holders! They should never be a last-minute decision when it comes to layout. If space is limited, consider vertical towel rails or hand towel bars.
  9. Leave space for plants and flowers! Bathrooms can sometimes feel a bit clinical if left unfurnished. Many indoor plants thrive in bathrooms, soaking up moisture and adding a welcomed splash of colour.
  10. Feeling overwhelmed? Secure a Site Consultation. We’re here to help.

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