Matt black tapware

Current Tapware Trends

Matte Black TapwareMatt black tapware

According to bathroom design experts, the matte black bathroom tap trend will continue and in fact, it will only grow in popularity. It is a dominate trend in bathroom design and is a classified as a safe option when designing your dream bathroom. Matte black taps are bold, strong, imposing, and contemporary fixtures. Matt black tapware is a bathroom item that has a simple style but a more traditional look. This tapware also has a fingerprint-resistant, soap-scum-resistant, scratch-resistant, and corrosion-resistant surface. It is a very popular choice amongst DJH Clients.

Brushed Metal Tapware

Brushed Metal Tapware

Brushed metal tapware is constructed from solid brass or stainless steel, which are polished to a high sheen. Brushed metal tapware has a classic appearance and feel, but it may also have a modern vibe depending on the design of your space. Brass, gold, nickel, copper, gun metal, and more are among the most popular brushed metal colours. Choosing the right brushed metal tapware colour depends on the look you’re going for.

Wall-Mounted Tapware

Wall Mounted Tapware

For bathrooms with a small vanity top, wall-mounted taps are a terrific option. They free up space on the vanity top, providing more space for storage of personal items. Just keep in mind, while any basin may be used with this style of tap, a vessel/top-mounted basin is best suited.

Luxury Tapware

There are several factors that define luxury tapware. While price plays a role here (it’s safe to assume tapware that costs more is also of higher quality), other factors like style, finish, and design are equally important.

There are round rainwater shower heads, square and rectangular shower heads. There are also flush-mounted ceiling styles that create a clean, minimalist look in your shower area. Our most popular shower head is the Multifunction Set with Slider and Diverter, a rainwater shower head paired with the practicality of a hose/rose attachment.

Brass Tapware

Brass Tapware

Brass is a great choice if you want a vintage, organic vibe, a rustic design, or a beachy aesthetic in your home. In both bathrooms and kitchens, we find brass taps coupled with natural materials like wood, marble, and stone. Brass tapware adds a touch of warmth to bathrooms with cold tones, and it looks particularly stunning in both light and dark spaces.

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