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Home Additions that could increase your home value

Home Additions That Could Increase the Value of Your Launceston Home

Few investments can be as effective as home additions when it comes to increasing the value of your Launceston property. 

Homes that offer additional living space, more convenience, or better energy efficiency attract  prospective buyers, thus adding considerable value to any piece of real estate. Here are some of the biggest ‘bang for your buck’ home improvements that could increase the value of your Launceston home

A Second Storey

A great way to add extra living space and increased value to your home is to add a second storey. This literally creates more space for bedrooms, bathrooms, home office spaces or extra living areas out of thin air, and can be a valuable addition for those seeking more room to live and grow. It also enables you to completely rethink the floorplan of your existing storey, perhaps creating an open-plan entertaining area.

Not only does a two-storey home look great, but it also makes your home appear larger and more inviting. Prospective buyers will be reassured when they can see that a good amount of additional living space is available – especially if the second storey also creates a more impressive view!

Add a Deck or Patio

Decks and patios are great for adding an extra outdoor living space to a home while also providing the perfect platform for hosting get-togethers and social events. They offer access to outdoor barbecues and alfresco dining, or can be a great place to relax and enjoy warmer weather – adding a great deal of value to your Launceston home. 

Decks are usually considered a more valuable option, as they provide clear access to the outdoors while also offering more integration with the design of the home. Shutters, blinds and louvred roofs can also allow you to use your outdoor space year-round – increasing your overall living space.

Remodelling Your Home

Whether it’s a complete makeover or just a few minor improvements, a wholesale home renovation can have a great effect on its saleability. Fresh paint, updated fixtures and modern features can be just the eye-catching break homes need to attract prospective buyers while also providing additional value for the right individual.

Renovate Your Kitchen

Newly refurbished kitchens will always provide good returns and can be a great way to show off your home in the best light. Updating appliances, replacing dated cabinets, and installing a modern countertop and splashback can lift the look and feel of your kitchen. For the best results, focus your renovations on the overall flow of the kitchen, as well as the design and practicality of the layout.

Give Your Bathroom a Makeover

Fresh, modern finishes can be the perfect finishing touch for any bathroom. Whether you go for an upscale spa-like look or keep it simple with some updated fixtures, an up-to-date bathroom is sure to boost the value of your Launceston home. Consider additions such as floor heating, Velux skylights or illuminated LED mirrors to enhance warmth, comfort, light and luxe that prospective buyers are sure to appreciate. 

If you’re looking to add value to your Launceston home before putting it on the market, home additions are definitely worth considering. At DJH Builders, we offer a wide range of home improvement services that could give your home the edge it needs when competing in the housing market. Contact us today, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with your home addition needs.

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