Home Extensions Launceston

Rather than starting over in a new home, why not build a home extension to help your house accommodate your growing family? Home extensions have innumerable benefits, the most obvious ones being increased living space without the hassle of relocation, comfort, cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, and increased home value. 

If that sounds like a plan, get in touch with DJH Builders today. We deliver quality custom renovations with minimal disruption!

Types of Home Extensions

The type of home addition you choose will be largely determined by the layout of your house, the amount of available land, and your budget. 

To avoid making a biassed or emotional decision, it would be a good idea to speak with a professional builder. The various extensions are described in detail below:

Extending Out 
This option is typically less expensive and disruptive because your roof is kept as is. It would help if you also matched your extension so that it seamlessly fits into the existing structure. Note that extensions on a sloped block, however, might be pricey.

Building Up 
Building up is typically more expensive than extending out, but doing so will protect your garden, and your extension will be well-lit! Additionally, a second floor can give you access to views that could raise the value of your house. Note that you will need some space downstairs for the staircase. 

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Council Regulations Related to Home Extensions in Launceston


Residential extensions are considered medium-risk work, and therefore, they are deemed notifiable work. That means you need to make an application or notice of work and submit it to a building surveyor for a Certificate of Likely Compliance. 

A licensed builder can therefore build such works as long as a surveyor oversees construction. The council does not need to approve but must be notified of the ongoing work. 

In larger extension projects, you may need to apply for a change of the original planning permit. The requested change should be explained in an Amendment Form, with any necessary plans and the corresponding fee, and then submitted to the council.

Why Choose DJH Builders To Build Your Extension?

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