Our Super Team


Our super team

Joseph Hall

Site Supervisor

Joseph started his Apprenticeship with us in 2014, making Joey our longest serving Employee. He has great rapport with Clients and a meticulous eye for detail. Joey revels in organising materials and Trades, guaranteeing our projects run smoothly. As our Senior Carpenter, Joey guides ourApprentices, ensuring the highest standard of work is met. In his spare time Joey likes to camp, fish and 4WD with his mates. He is a highly valued member of our Team.

Samuel Dobson

Apprentice Carpenter

Sam is an Adult Apprentice Carpenter with DJH Builders and he is a very capable, efficient member of our crew. Sambo enjoys time with his mates and family when the tools are down. He has a love for the outdoors, exploring the coast ofTassie in his 4WD. It’s a pleasure to work alongside Sam who provides many laughs and healthy banter on site.

Dwayne Love

Apprentice Carpenter

Dwayne is a qualified Landscaper by trade but decided on a change of career and started with DJH Builders as an AdultApprentice Carpenter. Lowey is a perfectionist and will make a brilliant Carpenter for that reason. He is down to earth and is our wealth of knowledge. He is a big sports fan and is our resident ‘Beer Man’ who loves to brew a craft beer.

Dean Hodgetts


Dean is our Company Director. He leads and educates our Team on a daily basis. Dean holds high expectations from our employees and works hard to preserve the credible reputation of our business. He is a divergent thinker and problem solving is his forté. His management style is fair and concise, creating a stable, comfortable environment for our staff and clients.

When he isn’t on the tools or the phone, you’ll find Deano fishing the Tamar for the ever-elusive King Fish or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Shannon Hodgetts

Business Manager

You’ll find Shannon behind the scenes, keeping the wheels turning. Mastering everything Business Management, from payroll to strategic planning and beyond, she is the nuts and bolts of DJH Builders. With an extensive background in theEmployment Industry, Shan knows

that people management takes time, patience and is always a work in progress. Shan is a working Mum, balancing business and family life. As the weekend approaches, she dreams of caravan trips around our Island State and a wine by the beach.

Dean and Shannon look forward to collaborating with you on your custom renovation project.