Acacia Court

Bathroom and Laundry Renovation

Square Meters
15 m2

Cost To Complete

Project length
24 Working days





Best Birthday Present Ever!

Our wonderful client approached us with a unique and heartwarming request as she celebrated her 50th birthday – a gift to herself in the form of a combined bathroom and laundry renovation in Tasmania. She had spent the better part of her life taking care of her family, juggling a career and facing some serious health issues leaving little time for self-indulgence. She saw her milestone birthday as the perfect occasion to transform her bathroom and laundry space into a luxurious sanctuary that she could enjoy daily. Our Client had a clear vision of a light and clean space, complete with modern fixtures, soothing color palettes and space-saving solutions that would streamline her daily routines.

As we embarked on the project, we were able to transform these spaces into a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. A serene bathroom and a highly efficient laundry area that would not only serve her practical needs but also provide a daily source of relaxation and rejuvenation. The joy on her face when she first stepped into her newly renovated spaces was the most rewarding part of our journey, reminding us that even in the busiest of lives, there’s always room for self-care and self-indulgence.