9 Freeland

Kitchen and Laundry Renovation
Square Meters
14 m2
Cost To Complete
Project length
12 Working days
Laundry Before #1
After Laundry #1
Before Kitchen #2
After Kitchen #2
Captivating Hampton Ambiance
Guided by a distinct vision and a passion for timeless elegance, this client orchestrated a remarkable transformation that breathed new life into their previously non-functional kitchen and laundry spaces. With an unwavering commitment to achieving a Hampton-style aesthetic, they embarked on a journey to create a masterpiece that seamlessly blended sophistication with functionality. By doubling the size of the kitchen, the client not only expanded the physical space but also unlocked the potential for culinary creativity and communal gatherings. Drawing inspiration from the classic Hampton design, the new kitchen became a sanctuary of soft hues, intricate detailing, and clean lines, reminiscent of coastal charm.
Innovative thinking marked the client’s approach to the laundry as well. By infusing butler’s pantry elements into the laundry, they ingeniously optimised the space for efficiency and organization. The addition of pop-up power points was a stroke of practical genius, allowing for flexible use of the area without compromising on aesthetics or utility. This marriage of form and function was a testament to the client’s keen eye for detail and their commitment to creating spaces that not only exuded style but also met the demands of modern living.
After Kitchen #1