11 Freeland

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation
Square Meters
18.7 m2
Cost To Complete
Project length
25 Working days
Before Bathroom #1
After Bathroom #1
Before Kitchen #2
After Kitchen #2
Growing Families, Enhanced Function
In a proactive move to accommodate the evolving needs of their bustling household, this family embarked on the journey to modernise their original bathroom and kitchen spaces.
The bathroom, although charming in its old-fashioned design, posed challenges in terms of limited storage and insufficient space for simultaneous use by multiple family members during the morning rush. Similarly, the kitchen, although having served its purpose well for years, was becoming increasingly inadequate in keeping up with the family’s growing demands. The confined workspace hindered collaborative cooking endeavors and the family’s ability to prepare meals efficiently.
Through thoughtful planning and strategic design, the family aimed to infuse both the bathroom and kitchen with a harmonious blend of functionality and space that would cater to their dynamic needs for years to come.
After Kitchen #1